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Extra Thick Microfiber PU Casing SELECT Performance balls feel like leather- soft yet firm, lively to the touch. The feeling comes from expertly hand-stitched, top-grade Polyurethane casings- like the extra thick Microfiber PU casing found only in our Brilliant Super. SELECT uses thick PU casings- the most expensive and highest quality material in a ball-instead of thin PU with thick, cheap foam, as others do. You'll really feel the difference. SELECT'S Proprietary Backing Fabric SELECT balls have perfect flight. It comes from perfect balance in the ball- both at rest and immediately following impact. The best craftsmanship and materials including SELECT'S proprietary Backing fabric make it happen. Balanced, Pure Latex Bladder Not only do SELECT balls meet the highest international quality standards, they maintain their quality after hundreds of hours on the field. One good reason: SELECT produces its own balanced, pure latex bladders and inflates and tests each one before it goes into a ball.

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