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UHLSport Ergonomic HN Soft SF Keeper Gloves

UHLSport Ergonomic HN Soft SF Keeper Gloves

$ $60.00

PALM: grippy SOFT latex
BACKHAND: embossed latex
CUT: half negative cut with thumb wrap grants a maximised catching area and tight fit
GLOVE BODY: comfortable PU
FASTENING: classic bandage and wrap around latex strap with namefield
DESIGN: unique ERGONOMIC-design with new functional upperhand elements

- embossed latex backhand with integrated SUPPORTFRAME+ element
- patented SUPPORTFRAME+ element with thumb support for optimised stabilisation of the fi ngers.
- 25 angle on the wrist supports the ergonomical hand position
- Material 45% latex, 17% polyester, 15% PA, 10% PU, 8% rubber, 5% nylon