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Puma 365 Ignite Netfit CT Indoor Soccer Shoes

Puma 365 Ignite Netfit CT Indoor Soccer Shoes

$ $45.00

The upper features a form fitting base material that not only helps you stay comfortable as you wear it, but also helps to keep your touch soft and allows you to control the ball, which is exceedingly important when you start playing on surfaces with less friction like indoor courts or streets. This indoor also features Puma's new customizable lacing system called NETFIT that allows you to lace the shoes to your liking to ensure a comfortable, locked down fit. The IGNITE foam in the midsole provides optimal cushioning on the bottom of your foot, taking some of the stress running on hard surfaces puts on your feet and legs, while the low-profile outsole provides incredible traction, perfect for quick agile movements. With an all black colorway that is incredibly low-profile, these indoor soccer shoes are everything you could ask for from an indoor shoe.