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Kangaroo Compression Sleeve II w/ Ankle Guard

Kangaroo Compression Sleeve II w/ Ankle Guard

$ $9.99

Kangaroo Sleeve with ATTACHED Ankle Guard

Our unique Kangaroo sleeve generation II combines built-in ankle shields with guard-securing sleeve all in one. Most players prefer the feel of a slim slip-in guard and sleeve, but this usually means giving up on ankle protection. Now you can have both safety and comfort.

Shinguard NOT Included. Sleeve Only!

  • Pocketed sleeve for slip in guards
  • Unique built-in ankle bone protection
  • Muscle retention sleeve to help prevent leg cramps
  • Polyester Lycra Sleeve
  • EVA padded ankle
  • Elastic Strap

  • Sizing Guide
    Small: Player Height of 4' - 4'7"
    Medium: Player Height of 4'8" - 5'3"
    Large: Player Height of 5'4" - 5'11"