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Adidas X Ghosted + FG Soccer Cleats

Adidas X Ghosted + FG Soccer Cleats

$ $274.99

The only thing that makes defenders sweat more than seeing you on the pitch? Not seeing you at all. Pull on X Ghosted and discover next-level speed. The raised forefoot on these laceless adidas football boots keeps you on your toes, and a springy Carbitex carbon-fibre insert on the outsole injects explosive propulsion. Low-profile with a Clawcollar and super thin, the composite Mirageskin upper locks you in while leaving your ankles free.

Ultra-light Speedframe outsole perforated for pure acceleration; Speed-boosting traction from arrowhead forefoot studs, and quick grip and release from rounded heel studs

Laceless construction locks down midfoot for stability during explosive sprints and promotes pure ball contact

Low-cut Clawcollar locks your foot into the boot for game-changing stability

New Superlight X-Layskin upper material fuses an engineered warp knit with an internal stabilization cage for a radical new semi-transparent look and smooth ball touch.

Standout 3D moulded heel offers a secure fit and cushioned zones for optimum ankle movement

Lightweight boots for light-speed football.
Laceless vacuum fit
Mirageskin upper
Low-cut collar
Sprint spike silhouette
Color: shock pink/core black/screaming orange