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TruSox Mid Calf Thin Crew Socks

TruSox Mid Calf Thin Crew Socks

$ $39.99

TruSox Mid-Calf Crew - Thin
TruSox use non-slip technology pads both on the inside and outside of the foot grips. The pads on the outside of the product grip your footwear, and the pads on the inside grip to your foot itself, allowing your foot and footwear to become one.

The TruSox Mid-Calf Crew foot grips are the most popular product in the range, and they are the product that you see on all our professional sportsmen and women. TruSox help you change direction quicker, maximizing the power transfer from foot to foot, to leave your opponents behind.

Men: US 3 - 6.5
Women: US 4 - 7.5

Men: US 7 - 9.5
Women: US 8 - 10.5

Men: US 10+
Women: US 10.5+